Writing a full manuscript is hard. Make what comes next a little easier.

A submission package should show off your manuscript. Learn exactly how to write a query, conquer the dreaded synopsis, and polish your first pages so agents are begging for more!

Your submission package should be as awesome as your manuscript.

As an editor, I see so many writers struggling with their submission package.

You're not sure what each element should look like and how they help an agent evaluate your work. (Can't the agent just read the pages? The ones you poured your blood, sweat, and tears into?)

You might be deep in the query trenches and have only gotten form rejections. Before committing to major revisions, you need to make sure the issue isn't your submission package.

This course breaks down the formulas you need to write successful query letters and synopses with detailed examples; and shows you how to analyze your own materials. It also gives you key insights into what agents look for in first pages and how they consider the package as a whole, so you can tweak yours for maximum impact.

Preparing to Query?

This course can help you put your best foot forward. Take the guesswork out of the submission package and learn how to create a package that gives your story the best possible chance of getting requests.

Querying without results?

It can be super discouraging to receive form rejection after form rejection. Before tearing your manuscript to pieces, make sure your submission package isn't the issue.

Already getting requests?

That means your submission package is working--this course isn't for you. If you're getting rejections on full manuscripts, it's time to consider editing. Check out Megan's editing services here.

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